Interview with Jackie Hernandez, Co-founder of New Majority Ready and Jack Rico, Managing…Listen now (49 min) | Have you ever felt an instant bond with someone, a quick kinship that was built on a shared POV of the world and experiences? This week’s guests were that for me and I am excited to have learned so much from them and become friendly with them. This week we…
Brittany Chavez, CEO and Founder of Shop LatinxListen now (47 min) | Building a marketplace for the new mainstream
Interview with Michael Collazo, CEO of Open Seat Direct Listen now (52 min) | Democratizing the event ticketing experience
C.J. Toledano, Founder of Follow Through Studio Listen now (49 min) | Building a creative studio at the intersection of sports, comedy and pop culture
Brian Morrissey, Founder of The Rebooting Listen now (58 min) | Scaling media businesses in the new pandemic world
Ana Milicevic, Principal and co-founder, Sparrow Digital Holdings Listen now (54 min) | How The Promise of Ad Tech and Mar Tech Can Still Be Fulfilled
Nandini Jammi + Claire Atkin, Cofounders of Check My Ads Institute Listen now (40 min) | Battling the bad actors, disinformation and questionable ad tech industry.
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